[TRLog] IARU POST Report

Tree N6TR n6tr@teleport.com
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 06:44:16 -0700 (PDT)

> OK guys. I'm not crazy. This does happen. Starting at Version 6.26, Tree
> included an extra input when doing POST L A. This is for additional
> information to be added to the log. Since the ARRL requires the exchange
> sent on each line, and TRLog defaults to only the RST, I added 599 08.
> This apparently pushes the line length over 80 characters and the points
> disappear. Not just off the CRT, but nowhere to be found. I now realize
> that just adding my zone (08) will work, but there is obviously a limit
> to the number of additional characters that can be sent. 

This will be fixed in the next release.  


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