[TRLog] Re: COM port CW keyer

AE0Q V31RY v31ry@ix.netcom.com
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 20:57:43 -0600

>Marty KM7W wrote:
>> I'd like to try to use the CW features of the contest logging software. 
>> I have a design from TRLog, which indicates a CW and PTT interface.  
>> With the TS-50, I only need one (I think) that will act as a tip positive 
>> straight key.
>> Can I disregard the PTT stuff when I put this together (what could be
>> simpler than a 2n2222 and a 1K resistor?)
>K4RO wrote:
>Yes.  I don't bother with the PTT interface.

  You can also use an opto-coupler to isolate the COM port from the radio.
Helps keep RF from floating around in the PC or blowing the ports.  A
schematic for it (COM or LPT port) is on my web site:


>> Also, with this design, how can I "Y" connect my normal paddles/keyer
>> in line?  I'd think this is necessary ...

  When I make the TRLog 'keyer' I put a double 'Y' on the radio end of the
cable with the regular radio plug, with in-line JACKS for RCA and 1/4"
plugs..  That way I I can connect any keyer in parallel with the keying
output of TRLog (I like having a separate keyer so I can change th speed

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