[TRLog] Re: pacc contest for dutch stations

Tree N6TR n6tr@teleport.com
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 06:44:56 -0700 (PDT)

>   Multiplier The multiplier exists of number of worked countries
>   (ARRL DXCC-list, incl. The Netherlands) and counted by band.
>   In next cases not the DXCC land but the calldistrict as multiplier:
>   Aziatisch Russia (a Russian station with a 9 or a 0 in the call),
>   Chili (CE), Japan (JA), Argentinia (LU), Brazily (e.g. PY),
>   Canada (e.g. VE), USA, Australia (VK), Zuid-Afrika (ZS) en New Sealand
>   (ZL). The figures 1 till 0 in the prefix, counts as multiplier.
>   Example: PT7, PY2 en PU9 counts as tree multipliers; AA1, K1, en WB1
>   only one multiplier.
>   Is there no number in the prefix, example LU/PA3ZZZ, than this is LU0.
>   UA9 en UA0 are two differed multipliers.

I was doing fine with this unti I got to this paragraph!  This is very
complicated to program.


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