[TRLog] IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day 5-6th Sept. & IOTA summary sheet

Mark Marsden MM@plextek.co.uk
Wed, 02 Sep 1998 12:18:01 +0100

Hi Tree

We are preparing for this weekend's contest and have just 
discovered that TR doesn't properly score Region 1 Field Day.

The scoring actually appears to be correct for National Field Day 
(a CW contest) which as far as we can tell, is not specifically an
IARU Region 1 contest.

NFD rules assign the following points:
Fixed stations within Europe: 2 pts
Fixed stations outside Europe: 3 pts
/P & /M stations within Europe: 4 pts
/P & /M stations outside Europe: 6 pts

Compare this with this weekend's contest (IARU Region 1 SSB 
Field Day) rules:
Fixed stations within IARU Region 1: 2 pts
Stations outside IARU Region 1: 3 pts
/P & /M stations within IARU Region 1: 5 pts

NB Europe isn't equivalent to IARU Region 1 and unless CTY.DAT 
has IARU Region numbers, I suspect that getting TR to correctly 
log SSBFD will be difficult.

Is it possible to configure TR to correctly score this contest?

On another subject....

IOTA summary sheet generation needs to ask if the station was
"Home" or "Dx-pedition". The RSGB HQ had to ask me to resubmit
my entry and specify this category, I think they had a lot of extra work

because of this.

Many thanks for all your help

Mark G4AXX, Granta Contest Group


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