[TRLog] Re: PA DOM files

Al Gritzmacher ae2t@bigfoot.com
Thu, 03 Sep 1998 09:59:21 -0400

At 08:53 AM 9/3/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>>>Al Gritzmacher said:
>> Yes, it should, and does with a simple test. But try it after a hundred QSOs
>> with a real log and it gets lost. Sometimes the mult is picked up but
>> doesn't register in the totals. POST always straightens it out though.
>I am only trying to help with the configuration. I can't help with 
>> No. VI and PR are ARRL sections and count as such, but are not eligible for
>> use as a DX mult accroding to the PAQP rules. The rules allow only one mult
>> for DX other than KH6/KL7/KP2/KP4. I think all I have to do is insert the
>> right line in lgocfg to set the DX mults to none and include DX = DX in the
>> .DOM file.
>Good luck Al. I hope I get a chance to get on a make a few contacts.
>73 de KK1L...ron (rrossi@btv.ibm.com) <><
>QTH: Swanton, Vermont
>My page: http://www.together.net/~larossi/kk1l.html
>My wife's page: http://www.together.net/~larossi

Thanks again for the help. I've played around some more and think what is
happening is beyond the configuration of the .DOM file. The mults are
displayed correctly when entered, but get changed as they scroll off the
edit window and are placed into the LOG.DAT file. Apparently, they are
treated differently at this point for some reason.

Actually, I think the best choice for the DX mult is DX MULTIPLIER = NONE
and I include Dx = DX in the .DOM file as only ONE DX mult is allowed,
regardless how many countries you work. You just have to type in DX as the
exchange, not let the callsign do it.

A friend and I are looking into operating portable in PA for the contest, so
I'm trying to get this set up. If we don't, I'll be on from home and the
.DOM file is simpler!!

Thanks again and 73,


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