[TRLog] Addendum to feature request

Robert Beckstrom rpb@EC.Rockwell.COM
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 18:50:29 -0500

Hi gang,

Seems i have been getting some responses already to my feature request...
but to nip subsequent duplicate or similar responses, i have included the
mail i 
sent to the first response i received...

I am aware of filters at the cluster node...
WF1B software does this sort of filtering....
As a application developer myself, i would not think this to be complex
feature to implement, most of the "kibbles and bits" necessary are most
likely in place already... administration of the add'l parameters and
another case to test for prior 2 posting a spot in the BandMap may be all
that is req'd... (but nothing is ever "simple")...

I use (and may bounce between) WF1B, Logic5, and TRLog... all are great
applications for any serious Amateur...

Yup, i already set the cluster to filter out spots from vhf/uhf at each
but i dont know you can tell it to filter out a specific range of
frequencies on 
a per band basis.... 
but, even if you can, it is really cumbersome to do so at the cluster
level. I want to be able to have the software i am currently using do this
rather than mess with at connection time. Some contests i only fiddle
around in and often 
bounce out of the TRLog program and go back to my general logging software
for a couple of non contest QSO's or whatever. At that point, i would like
to open up 
the spots. Doing it each time i connect is a pain, since each time i
connect, i may want a different set of parameters. Saving the config on the
cluster is a "one size fits all" solution (however, i always filter vhf/uhf
spots out)....
Additionally, i am on the fringe of coverage from the closest node, and
many times i cannot keep a reliable connection during a popular contest.
Then, the only way i get spots is by monitoring when NOT connected....

bob, w9zv

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