[TRLog] "phantom contest" bug and other stuff

Doug Smith W9WI w9wi@bellsouth.net
Sat, 26 Sep 1998 22:17:36 -0400 (EDT)

I experienced this one too with 6.30.  The first time I launched it without
a LOGCFG.DAT, it showed a blank entry as the first contest on the screen.
For curiousity's sake, I selected the blank contest and was immediately
dumped to a C:\> prompt.  Ran it again and the "phantom" contest

Something else I noted during the SprINT..  Someone with a poorly adjusted
bug kept sending "6o6" as his name, so I decided I'd better use control-N to
put a note in my log to make sure I didn't get docked a QSO..  And at the
next QSO, it tried to send part of my note as the name.  (My apologies to
N0AX - it was bad enough I forwarded him "6o6" as a name, but then to screw
up sending it to him the first time too?!)  There was one other occasion
where I entered a control-N note in my log & it tried to send part of the
note as the name.

I *think* it was pulling the word that came closest to the column where the
name would have been if there were a QSO on that line instead of a note.  

Tree, what's the procedure for getting a contest added to the startup
screen?  I think maybe by this time next year, we'll have properly debugged
.DOM and .CFG files for the Tennessee QSO Party...

73 Doug
(who sure wishes his problems with M$ software were this trivial!)

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