[TRLog] TR and KAM

Tim Gennett tegennett@SMLY-01.HFS.PURDUE.EDU
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 08:04:43 +0000

I use a KAM Plus with no problems.  

The TR manual notes that, "some interfaces require an eight bit 
connection with 2 stop bits and no parity.  This can be configured by 

I am in my office now and can't look at any of my logcfg.dat files, 
as they are at home.  But, I think the above statement applies to the 
KAM.  If you don't have that line in your logcfg file you might put 
it in and see if it solves your problem.  Also, make sure your KAM is 
not in host mode and 2400 baud when you try to connect with TR.

> From:          "Natan Huffman" <force12e@lightlink.com>
> To:            <trlog@contesting.com>
> Subject:       [TRLog] TR and KAM
> Date:          Fri, 25 Sep 1998 21:27:36 -0400

> Am trying to get my Kantronics Kam to talk to TR.  Have baud rate at 2400 and the KAM is in Command MODE.  my logconfig.DAT file has the TNC addressed to the correct serial port and a 2400 baud state> 
> Anyone using a KAM that can pass along some wisdom?  Would sure appreciate some help.
> 73
> Natan  W6XR/2

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