[TRLog] State QSO Parties

Chris Robson crobson@erie.net
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 18:25:16 -0400

> I thought I had made it clear that having
>non integer QSO point values was the issue.  The impact of this was
>significant enough for me to throw in the towel.>--


	I agree with your plight, this has been a issue with most ops and it has
been a topic of discussion at our PA QSO Party Symposiums. I would like to
dump the 1 1/2 point CW but it makes it interesting to say the least for
this contest. I know NA has it, but it is far from perfect(besides, TR more
flexible!) Unless the program is dedicated(and there are some fine programs
specific the the PA party),it is a tuff game, but it is still easier to
work the Pa QSO Party using TR than most of the others. I would use a
dedicated program if I was totally happy with them(did last year) however
operating CW and operating from different counites this year makes it
impossible to use anything but TR, just more efficent. We "dirt track"
contesters have addapted TR for any number of contests with great success.
I didn't mean to offend anyone with my remark, I am sorry if it was taken
out of context.
73, Chris KB3A

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