[TRLog] When will TR support RTTY?

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 10:25:13 -0700 (PDT)

> Just send all of those customers wanting RTTY that have Win95 to
> www.contesting.com/writelog


> Gee, when are you going to do it ??

Well - take your pick:

1. 2023.

2. When I decide to become serious about RTTY contests (you never know).

3. With the limited time I have available with TR, I wouldn't think of
   adding another major feature to it during this phase of my life.  I
   have three girls - age 7, 5 and 3, and many people simply give up
   on their hobbies when confronted with similar family obligations.

   For me, things work better if there is a balance and the relationship
   I have with my wife allows for a certain amount of time for both of
   us to be alone and "veg".  

   However, the days are gone where I have significant blocks of time
   to do major things with the software.  At times, I have been able to
   do this during slow periods at work, but my current position at 
   Intel hasn't allowed for that sort of thing.

   So, in short - I see adding RTTY contests and the associated 
   support issues to be a significant obligation and one I am not
   willing to add to the list.  I want to continue to use my 
   avaiable time supporting TR in the current market segment that
   it addresses.

   Recently, I have had to say "NO" where I had previously helped
   out.  Things like the NCJ Sprint editor and helping the ARRL with
   their log checking software are examples.  I offered to help the
   ARRL fix up their stuff - but it quickly was turning into a full
   time job, so I had to decline.

   So, this really ends up being answer #2.  If the limited time I
   do have for radio projects gets focused on RTTY contests, I would
   probably use some software.  However, I view the RTTY contests
   as very different than CW/SSB contests and I would probably try
   one of the industry standard programs - why re-invent the wheel?

   If I got to the point that the existing packages were so poorly
   written that I couldn't use them (which is what happened in the
   case of CT), then I might be inspired to write my own.

   I am open to some middle of the ground solutions - and they
   are banging around in my head.  Some morning, I might wake up 
   early and have an idea that can be easily implemented and 
   give you a partial solution.  So, keep those ideas coming.


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