[TRLog] New versions and Dayton

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 14:56:21 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Gang-

I will be releasing version 6.39 in the next day.  Then I will be 
in Japan for a week.  After I return, I hope to get a few more things
done before Dayton - so look for version 6.40 in early May.

I have been carrying e-mail messages with minor bug reports or new
feature requests in my in box.  There are still about 150 messages
there to be acted on - so if you have asked for something - don't 
give up hope.  

The SS log checking software and associated log checking process had
taken up most of my spare time during the last three months.  However,
most of that effort is now complete.  Thanks again for your patience.

TR now supports 60 contests.  It seems about 10 percent of them change
their rules from year to year.  It really helps me if you can keep an
eye on your favorite contest and give me a heads up when the rules
are changing.  Doing this well before the contest will increase your
odds of having it fixed in time.  I simply don't have the bandwidth
to do this on my own for all 60 contests!  There is nothing more
frustrating to hear about problems someone had with the program 
because a minor rule change wasn't noticed ahead of time.  Often
these can be fixed with a few minutes of effort.

When you do this - it is helpful for you to highlight what needs to
be changed instead of sending me the new rules.  

Also - please don't forget to send in another $15 for another year
of updates if you haven't done so.  We aren't real aggressive about
cutting people off after their year has been up and hopefully we 
can keep going on the honor system to some extent.  Remember, your
contributions help justify more time spent on improving the program.

Hope to see many of you at Dayton.  Stop by the booth and say hello.

73 Tree N6TR

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