[TRLog] multi info messages

Jan Fisher jan.fisher@virgin.net
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 17:37:20 +0100

Wow that was a quick response, thanks Tree.

You got it in one.....I thought the info was passed to the network when you
logged the call not when calling cq. Now I know.



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Subject: Re: [TRLog] multi info messages

>> I have just been running up tr using the multi facility and all seems
>> to work fine except for the multi info messages. I cannot seem to get the
>> frequency information to display across the network when in cq mode. I
>> set the multi info message to $ as stated in the manual and when in S&P
>> the S&P information is passed however this does not seem very consistent.
>Are you using F1 to call CQ to send the radio frequency?
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