[TRLog] Summary Sheet doesn´t work

Arturo Gargarella - LU6ETB lu6etb@cvtci.com.ar
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 17:34:35 -0300

I am using Version 6.36 with the new file format.   TEST.DAT, TEST.CFG, etc.
When I call POST from the contests file directory, it displays a menu with
all the contests, then I select one of them. After that, I choose (R)eport
and (S)ummary. At this point the message "OK to proceed (Y/N)" appears. When
I press "Y" the program says "LOGCFG.DAT file not found".

Am I doing something wrong ?.

Any help will be appreciated.

73 de Arturo, LU6ETB

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