[TRLog] kudos

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 22:05:20 -0700 (PDT)

> Operating single-band 15 meters allowed plenty of time for
> reflection, and I really had to admire the way the program
> was working:

We like hearing things like this.

> Autostart sending on the fourth character, eliminating ALL
> delay in responding to callers.

One of the best kept secrets in contesting!

> Quick qsl key when there was more than one caller.

A very BIG feature to remember during the ARRL SS CW contest.

> Call ok now automatically acknowledging callsign updates.

C'est automatic!

> Paddle speed automatically following computer speed.

Or not - as you prefer.

> SCP minimum characters 3 providing all kinds of hints about
> a weak caller's callsign. There were many times when the SCP
> helped me get the callsign, but the qso was a bust because
> I couldn't get the number.

We will work on that feature for next year.

> Names and old callsigns coming up in the info windows for
> domestic stations, along with sunrise/sunset and beam
> headings for all stations.

You didn't enable their shoe size?

> Shift keys operating the RIT on the TS-850, and the RIT
> being automatically zeroed on CQ and QSL messages. I'm
> pretty sure I went for over an hour on several occasions
> without ever touching the radio.

It is too bad Yaesu, Icom and Ten-Tec don't allow me to control the 
RIT like the 850/950s do.  This really cuts down on the hand movements
and fatique.  I am working with some people on perhaps some RX mods
to the 850 to update its performance on receive.  I will keep you
all up to date on this effort.

Another trick I just came up with.  I like to have my RIT sitting around
-0.04 after a CQ or QSL.  You can make this happen (again with  the
Kenwoods) by using the SRS command.  This will do it:


^C means Control-C - which can be programmed by hitting Control-P
and then Control-C in the Alt-P command.  ^D means control-D.

> We certainly have come a long way since the last time I
> entered this contest, and set the old 15 meter record, in
> 1988. That was with a paper log, and individual paper
> dupesheets for JA, US/VE, and DX.

This was about 3 months before TR was conceived.

> Nice job, Tree. Keep it going.



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