[TRLog] Re: Color Srew-Up since 6.39

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
Sun, 6 Jun 1999 10:58:05 -0700 (PDT)

> One irritation I've found starting with version 6.40:
> In the past I've made my own color scheme using the COLOR and
> BACKGROUND commands in the config file.
> Now the color settings were somehow screwed up totally, at least in
> the most of the windows. I've tried some previous versions of the
> program and found the problem starting with 6.39. 

Thanks for the config file and I have reproduced the problem.

There were some changes made to how the ; character is interpreted
starting in 6.39.  The reason for this change was the addition of
the ability to send a string to an interfaced radio.  All of the 
commands that would be sent to a Kenwood radio require a semi-colon.
Initially, this created a bug, because anything after a semi-colon
in the config file was ignored.

The fix to your problem is to put at least two spaces in front of
any semi-colon you want to designate a comment with.  Or, you can
eliminate the space if it the semi-colon is at the start of the line.

This will restore the colors to the way they appeared before.

73 Tree

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