[TRLog] TR Log Version 6.41 release notes

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
7 Jun 1999 15:03:36 -0000

             Release notes for TR Logging Program - Version 6.41
                               7 June 1999

Version 6.41 - Released on 7 June 1999.

 - Added KIDS DAY contest.  Simply logs whatever you put into the
   exchange window.  Added KIDS exchange received.  This is probably
   a useful thing for other applications as well.

 - Added USE BIOS KEY CALLS - (default = TRUE, Control-J).  In order to
   use the F11 and F12 keys, TR had to interface directly to the hardware
   because many older BIOS programs didn't know about these keys.

   However, this makes it impossible to use TSR programs with TR.

   TR will now use BIOS calls as a default.  If your BIOS doesn't support
   F11 and F12, you can go back to the old method by setting USE BIOS KEY

 - Made many TRMASTER improvements.  Found some minor bugs that probably
   explain some of the crashing some of you have noticed.  I also
   improved the memory management so that less memory is used for
   smaller databases.  This will result in "random" memory
   available displays, but unless you are using a monster database,
   there should be more memory free than before.

 - Fixed bug with POST U E F D (merge two .DTA files).  I have now used
   this to combine two very large databases.  It does take awhile to do,
   but it does work.

 - Fixed POST U S (generate summary of restart file) command to work with
   new filename standard.

 - Made POST U E F F (load data into TRMASTER from ASCII file) to process
   up to 10 different data items at once.

 - Made POST less memory hungry.

 - Added single line display buffer for unsent characters when using the
   keyboard send feature.  You can use the delete or backspace character
   to correct typing mistakes before the code goes out on the air.

 - Allow HELLO.DAT in same directory as other files (CTY.DAT).

 - Fixed QUICK QSL KEY 2 command (was setting value for KEY 1).  The
   QUICK QSL KEY 2 is normally the equal sign and it sends the
   QUICK QSL MESSAGE 2 (default is dit-dit).  This gives you an
   additional way to end CQ QSOs.  This was a previously undocumented

 - Made Control-U use call in exchange window string if CALLSIGN UPDATE
   ENABLE is enabled.  Before, the program would use the call in the
   call window.

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