[TRLog] TR and Telnet Internet bridge?

rpb@ec.rockwell.com rpb@ec.rockwell.com
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 17:47:49 -0500

i cant reliably stay connected to my local packetcluster when it's a busy
contest weekend... well, let me re-phrase that,  i should say that im not
willing to run high power to do so!!

i do have a reliable connection to an internet telnet cluster site.....
so.... does anyone know how to fool the dos penalty box into thinking there
is incoming data on a com port (to satisfy TRlog) from a windows telnet
packetcluster session??

k1ttt's bridge software would work, but requires a separate machine (or at
least add'l serial ports on the same machine, which i dont have) to do
it.... if i write the software myself, any clues on how to "bridge" between
the virtual dos machine and the windoze environment? what api's/interfaces
could be used?

is there a simpler way?

i can flawlessly run tr from within a dos box under win98, so no apparent
problems there... 

any suggestions?

- bob
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