[TRLog] Removing mults in Field days

George Fremin III geoiii@kkn.net
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 06:01:00 -0700 (PDT)

K4RO Kirk Pickering writes:
> > I have looked through thr manual over and over, I could have missed it but
> > how do you keep the score from being multiplied by the ARRL sections?
> I had the same problem.  I had to "re-run" the contest afterwards
> with the following LOGCFG.DAT file:
> The re-run choked on all the DX stations which did not have a 
> valid FD exchange, and I had to manually edit them all to get the
> entire file to re-read (I have them all 1D.)  After that, it worked.

I am not sure you really need to do this in order to submit your FD entry.
The ARRL only requires that you send in a summary sheet and a dupesheets
for each band.  They dont want/need logs.

I would just run the summary sheet in TR to the get the total 
count of good QSOs on each mode - then I would fill out
an offical ARRL summary sheet giving myself the proper QSO points
for the QSOs based on mode and transmitter power/FD class adding 
bonus points as needed.  Then create dupesheets from TR.


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