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charlieo@tellabs.com charlieo@tellabs.com
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 13:48:01 -0500 (CDT)

> I have just completed the installation of a PIEXX board for my TS930S.
> I was surprised to find that the shift keys tune the main VFO on this rig,
> just like the FT1000MP!
> I had thought that the RIT was tuned on this rig *not* the main VFO? Is
> this a function of the PIEXX board perhaps.
> Of course it's not a problem, I prefer it that way  for compatibility if
> for no other reason.
> btw Anyone else have this board installed? I have an annoying faint audio
> tone when in CW mode with the narrow filter selected, kind of like a
> tinnitus :-(
> 73
> Clive

Hi Clive,

Your 930 is operating correctly.  When TR is in *** Search and Pounce *** mode,
the shift keys will change the rig's frequency when the RIT is off.  This is
normal.  When TR is in *** Run *** mode and the 930's RIT is on, then the shift
keys will change the RIT.  Note that this is NOT a function of the PIEXX board,
but rather a neat feature in TR for the 850 (and now the 930, too).

I've had my PIEXX board in my 930 since February, and absolutely love it.  There
are some really neat features added.  One of my favorites is RIT on and DIAL 
LOCK on allows the main tuning knob to control the RIT.

I highly recommend the PIEXX board for those who want to bring their 930 into
the computer age.

73 es cul,

Charlie  N9CO

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