[TRLog] Frequency in Log

lrod@pobox.com lrod@pobox.com
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 03:33:20 +0000

> > I don't see any mention but is the frequency saved in the log.  Assuming you
> > have a radio capable of being controlled.
> Yes.
> in the CTL-J menu.

I have used this; the kHz are stored in the log in place of the QSO number 
(which TRLog knows anyway). It's really handy for dumping into your general 
logger. Be sure and run the Post routine (I think its "ARRL Format") before 
you submit logs, as that converts the freqs back into QSO numbers. Obviously 
you want to keep a version of the log that has the freqs for use in your 

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