[TRLog] Worked-all-TR?

CPreddy@aol.com CPreddy@aol.com
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 18:19:28 EST

True story. Before ARRL DX I tweaked my config file using Notepad. Everything
seemed fine, but then I decided to experiment (character flaw among us
Using the ctrl-J menu I set the MOUSE ENABLE = TRUE, used ctrl-W to write the
change, and played with mousing through the band map (didn't care for it - too
touchy). At some point I probably dropped out and restarted. On my next Q I
grandly struck the enter key and heard my exchange go out as "5NN NYMOUSE
ENAB..". I smashed the ESC key before finding out how it sends "=". Upon
investigation I found that I had somehow removed or omitted the CR character
from the end of the last .CFG line, which happened to be "S&P EXCHANGE ="
because the only way I know to change this is by direct file editing (yuck).
The write-changes function did what it was supposed to and appended the

Which sparks this idea. How about a Worked-all-TR contest where the exchange
consists of TR configuration statements? 25 points per statement,  plus 1
point for every response like "EH?", multiplied by 100 x your current TR
version number. Deduct 5 points for every worthless "5NN" sent, add 100 bonus
points for receiving statements like "MY FAVORITE LOGGER = TR", then divide by
the sum of the MHz rating of your CPU and the number of keypresses required to
run the contest. First prize: a week in Boring, Ore., second prize: two weeks.

See you in the WATR!

Carl, KU2N

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