[TRLog] POST runtime error

charlieo@tellabs.com charlieo@tellabs.com
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 09:09:32 -0600

I was attempting to update my TRMASTER.DTA database with the POST routine that is bundled in the v6.36 (latest) release.

I performed a POST (U, E, F, F).

POST reports:

	All 1042 entries fread from LOG.DAT to memory.
	Data successfully saved to ASCII file.
	Merging data from memory with ASCII file into temporary ASCII file...
	RUNTIME ERROR 103 at 12BC:0A92
I experimented a bit and found the following:  if I was creating a new 
TRMASTER.DTA file for the first time (renamed the original), then POST would 
complete correctly during the first pass through the log (extracting SS Check).
During the second pass through the log (extracting ARRL Section), POST would 
always bomb.  My next experiment was to exit POST and rename the new 
TRMASTER.DTA file something like JUNK.DTA, then enter POST and extract the 
second field of data and put it into a new TRMASTER.DTA.  Then, I tried to merge 
the two .DTA files.... POST still bombed.

I had used this feature of POST many times before with prior versions of TR, the 
last being v6.29.


Charlie  N9CO

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