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Fatchett, Mike Fatchett.Mike@tci.com
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 09:00:36 -0700

New to Win98, so here's some rookie questions for help, pse:
Manual (new) says to put TR in own directory and put each contest in its
own directory, and that I should put TR .exe directory in autoexec.bat
PATH statement so it can find itself.
Ooops - can't find an autoexec.bat in this newfangled Win98 to enter the
PATH command, even when restarting in DOS mode.  So, how to do the
equivalent PATH statement in Win98?

Here's the directories I'm trying to get set up:
    Program .exe and others:   c:\myfiles\ham\software\logging\tr
    Contest log and config.dat:
c:\myfiles\ham\software\contests\M99DXSSB  (for example)

Ok Let me try this one.  First I have not run TR in a window using either 95
or 98.  I exit the operating system and restart using MS-DOS.  Change
directory to the root of C:   CD\.  

I Create a batch file in the root drive of C: that looks like this:  You can
use Edit or notepad etc....  I call mine TRbat.bat.  You can call it
anything you like.       Mike.bat, log.bat etc....

prompt $p$g     		>Shows you the path   C:\dos
C:\Trlog\contest etc....
path c:\trlog;%path%	>This line adds the location of the TRlog files to
the path.  If you do not put the %path% statement 
			  in you will overwrite the existing path and my not
be able to use other dos commands.

cd\trlog\contest\		>This changes the directory to place where I
want the program to run.  
TR			>This line will execute the TR.exe file

Save the file in the root of C:.  To run it just type in TRbat and press
enter.  The program will start and you will be prompted to setup the contest
parameters.  It will save the logcfg.dat file in the directory you specified
in the batch file.  If you get errors you have either mistyped the path or
the directory that you specified does not exist.



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