[TRLog] TNC Question

Tim Gennett tegennett@SMLY-01.HFS.PURDUE.EDU
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 13:19:35 +0000

In experimenting with version 6.37 last night, I discovered I was not 
seeing packet spots in the band map.  The TR packet window 
(Control-B) was functioning fine and I could control the TNC through 
commands entered in the packet window.  Packet spots were coming in 
just like normal.  So, this was not a question of echo being 
turned off in the TNC, as was discussed here several weeks ago.  
The spots were just not being posted to the band map.

Since the last time I had used TR with packet, I had used my TNC for 
APRS.  I did a complete reset of the TNC and now everything works 
just fine.

Anybody have a guess as to what TNC settings the APRS software might 
have changed to have caused this?

73 de K9WX

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