[TRLog] Manual 6.38

D. R. Evans N7DR@arrl.net
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 16:11:52 -0600

I have just uploaded the latest version of the manual to the TR home page, 

Sorry for the slight delay -- my shack was flooded and that took priority.

Here's the change log:

Fixed bold faces in index
Included table of examples
Started numbering examples
Alt-H Help menu
Table -- TRMASTER fields
Removed completely revised chapter 2 temporarily for release of 6.38 manual
Added S. America to George's service area
Replaced "ctrl-J" by asterisk in Appendix A
Example -- Inserting a Special Character in a CW Message
Table -- Farnsworth Controls
Expanded index
Changed diagram of multi network (just for fun)
Synchronised to TR 6.38.

  Doc -- N7DR

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