[TRLog] 6.38 band changing problem

Mike Nash, ND6A no6x@inreach.com
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 22:06:30 -0800

In the process of setting up TRlog for WPX before the contest, I have found
a funny problem and was wondering if others seen it.
When changing bands from the keyboard, either up or down the radio changes,
then switches back to whatever I started at.
i.e. on 20 meters, hit <alt>V band will change and instantly then change
back to 20 meters.
<alt>B does the same.
After I do this I cannot use anything in the program...it just locks up.
I can however change bands from the radio and the software will follow
flawlessly, which is how we operated it this weekend.
am using 386/20 with 4M Ram and Kenwood TS-870
Any Ideas from the masses.
Mike...ND6A (ex NO6X)

A Keyring, what a handy gadget. It allows me to lose all of my keys at one

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