[TRLog] More FT1000-MP Joy

Ron Simonton Ron Simonton" <simonton@commandnet.net
Sun, 3 Oct 1999 19:27:44 -0500

I planned to use the CA QSO Party for debugging and some ops this weekend.
It turned out to be mostly debugging.  Man it's amazing how you can screw up
a working system when you change things! :-) Finally got most of the
hardware problems solved, and in the process I think that I saw a couple of
FT1000-MP tricks you may want to check.

I was chasing my tail trying to get both radios to key and interface
properly...I finally renamed my LOGCFG.DAT and let TR try to configure from
scratch.  Specified radio 1 as FT1000MPP...tried that with radio 2 also.  TR
crashed on start up with error message referencing unknown radio 2.  Also
tried FT1000MP for radio 2...same error message.

Wound up running 2 MPs with one interfaced and the other manually updated.

73, Ron K1AO

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