[TRLog] Sluggish logging....

punkymcd@pacbell.net punkymcd@pacbell.net
Tue, 05 Oct 1999 16:47:27 -0700

During CQP we experienced sluggish operation at times. Occasionally when
typing in a call the call field it would not appear right away. Another
time when working S & P typing in a call then pressing enter it would
take two or three seconds before you could type in the report received.

We used the parallel port to key as well as select antennas and the
serial port to cntl the frequency of a TS850. Worked great.

QSO total was a bit over 1300.

Operation, FWIW, was MS from Alpine County as W6OA. A real expedition.
No trees just aluminum at an elevation of 8400 feet. Great weather.

73, Don, W6OA

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