[TRLog] Sluggish logging....

George Fremin III geoiii@kkn.net
Wed, 6 Oct 1999 06:40:24 -0700 (PDT)

k6ll@juno.com writes:

> On Tue, 05 Oct 1999 16:47:27 -0700 punkymcd@pacbell.net writes:
> >
> >During CQP we experienced sluggish operation at times. Occasionally 
> >when
> >typing in a call the call field it would not appear right away. 
> >Another
> >time when working S & P typing in a call then pressing enter it would
> >take two or three seconds before you could type in the report 
> >received.
> Enabling hard drive write-caching will probably solve this
> problem.
> Before starting tr, start smartdrv with the following command:
> loadhigh smartdrv C+

This will work - but I am not a big fan of write caching.

I usually do this:


Be warned that if your computer is shutdown before you exit TR Log
you will lose all of your exchange memory info.  This is not a problem
in contests like CQ WW, ARRL SS.

Another thing you can do is get rid of your TRMASTER.DTA file - by 
renaming to some other name. 

Also you can set this if you still need more help.



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