[TRLog] Interfacing

Marty Watt mwattcpa@earthlink.net
Fri, 08 Oct 1999 12:25:00 GMT

I have read the TR Log manual, but am not real clear on the interfacing to the
PC.  Does one interface cable, to the DIN plug (on the Kenwood) handle all the
rig chores, including CW?  Or if you want to control the rig and send CW, do
you need two cables?

If there is only one cable, is provision made for an "external" paddle?

Finally, are there sources of the "one cable" version of the interface (other
than construction -- I haven't a place to build anything)?  I have the IF-10B
already installed in my TS-940sat.

Thanks for the help,
Marty, N5NW

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