[TRLog] The Lexmark 3200 and DOS: an update

K5zm@aol.com K5zm@aol.com
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 03:19:44 EDT

    Well, after pouring through the manual for a while, it appears that all 
is not lost, it's just been made to be a bit more of a pain. 

    I still can't print straight from native DOS apps (by design, 
apparently), but I can print from the DOS window. On the bright side, the end 
result looks just like it would had it done from within pure DOS to begin 
with, so it's not too bad. At least it doesn't have the annoying look of 
something that's come from notepad or wordpad.

    Thanks to all who offered up suggestions.

73, Mike K5ZM 

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