[TRLog] TS-940 Interfacing

W1HIJCW@aol.com W1HIJCW@aol.com
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 20:45:24 EDT

In a message dated 10/16/99 13:33:24 Pacific Daylight Time, 
mwattcpa@earthlink.net writes:

>  The SHIFT to change VFO still
>  doesn't work -- very slow and not useful.

My 940 does exactly the same thing with the shift keys. The problem ("cause") 
is the fact that the microprocessor in the 940 runs at a terribly (in 
relative terms) slow speed. After experimenting and querying people over the 
last 2 years since I've been using TR and the 940, I've come to the 
conclusion that there's nothing to be done. The continuation of frequency 
shift after release of the shift key is caused by the same characteristic. 
The buffer fills up with "shift" commands and the 940 continues to execute 
until the buffer is emptied.

Regarding the beep, there's nothing to be done except turn down the beep 
volume with the pot inside the radio (on the underside) or locate the control 
line for the beep and disable it.

I also found that the TRLog switch called "No Polling during PTT" (under 
control J) should also be set to True to avoid strange partial CW characters 
being sent.  :>)

Nonetheless, the combination of TRLog and the 940 is a great one.

Bill, W1HIJ

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