[TRLog] Resending RST after contact is logged?

Dave Ek ekdave@earthlink.net
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 07:25:15 -0600

Hi -

I'm a new user of TRLog. I'm preparing to use it in the QRP ARCI Fall QSO
party this weekend, as a warmup for SS in a couple weeks. I like to program
the function keys for quick resending of parts of the exchange. In
particular, I want to be able to resend the RST that I sent. If I program
F3 in Exchange Mode with "]", and I'm in the middle of a CQ-mode exchange,
it works fine. However, if I'm working S&P, once I press Enter to send my
exchange and log the contact, pressing that key after my exchange has been
sent has no effect. I assume that's because I have empty call and exchange
fields. Is there a way I can overcome this? Or am I simply mistaken? I
couldn't find anything in the manual about this.

Little issues like this aside, TRLog is really a nice piece of work.


Dave AB0GO

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