[TRLog] TR Log Version 6.45 Release Notes

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
25 Oct 1999 05:53:02 -0000

TR Log Version 6.45 has been released.  It has been mailed to the 
distribution list and has been posted on the BBS.  Check out the 
GETTING UPDATES chapter of the manual for more information on updates.

             Release notes for TR Logging Program - Version 6.45
                               24 October 1999

Version 6.45 - Released 24 October 1999?

 - POST Q C would sometimes ignore you if you wanted to process names.
   It should be more reliable now.

 - POST U E S (sort TRMASTER file) will remove dupes from the file.  Data
   will all be merged into one record.

 - POST U E F V (vanity call update) would not work properly when not
   saving all calls to the the database.  This has been fixed.

 - The TRMASTER.DTA format has been modified so that the JA cell is
   not used.  This should have no impact to the portability of
   MASTER.DTA files to TR.  There is no impact to the operation.
   However, your TRMASTER.DTA file will be a little smaller the
   next time you build it from the ASCII file.

 - Improved error detection in the case of file read errors with

 - Fixed U E F F for non TR logs and no data (just callsigns).  It
   was totally broken in this mode.

 - Added HEXCONVERT startup command.  Convert either Hex to Decimal or
   Decimal to Hex.  Enter hex values with an H at the end of them.

 - Fixed bug with SS start up information not being saved to config file.

 - Made ] send last RST even after QSO is logged.

 - Added initial attempt at Cabrillo format for SS and CQ WW.  Still some
   improvements to be made.  There will probably be a better attempt
   made in the next release - but what is there should work for the
   CQ contest.  It can be found in the main menu of POST.

 - Added SWAP RADIO RELAY SENSE to allow the polarity of the radio control
   relay to be reversed.  It is available on the Control-J menu and the
   default value is FALSE.

 - Improved GetGrid defaults for YB and BY (Thanks VR2BG).

 - Fixed precedence question for startup for SS.

 - Fixed WAE bugs with QTCQRS and QTC EXTRA SPACE.

 - Fixed packet spots > 2 GHz from crashing program.

 - Fixed FT1000MP acting like FT1000 (1/16th frequency displayed).

 - Added ViewRadioDebug startup command.  Allows you to view the contents
   of a radio.dbg file (created with the startup command radiodebug) using
   the same algorithm that the program would use if it was interfaced to
   the radio.

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