[TRLog] ADIF format available for TR?

George Fremin III geoiii@kkn.net
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 20:58:26 -0700 (PDT)

Greg Fields writes:
> I am a new user to TR and also a Logic 5 user. This question
> has probably been asked here but, can the post contest
> program write the log format out in ADIF format? Logic 5
> requires ADIF format to be able to import the contest
> log in. Looking over the manual and the post contest
> program I don't see how to do it. NA has this capability
> so I'm hoping I can do it with TR. If I can't I don't
> really want to use TR since I won't be able to see the
> contest logs in Logic 5.
> Any help would be appreciated!

You can use KA5WSS's great log conversion program to convert
TR Log files to ADIF format.  You can get to his LogConv page
from the TR_Log home page.  


Look for LogConv.


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