[TRLog] Fwd: [Kenwood] TS-940 Computer Interface Boards Available

Rick Bullon kc5ajx@hotmail.com
Sat, 30 Oct 1999 05:03:25 GMT

In case the kenwood onwers missed this on the kenwood reflector. I thought I 
would send it over here.
  I have no conection to Chris heck I don't even have one of these boards 


>Hi Folks,
>   I have completed production on our new combination IF-10B / IF-10C 
>serial interface
>boards for the TS-940 transceiver. This board fits inside of the TS-940, in 
>place of the
>original IF-10B board. Incorporated into the board is the RS-232 level 
>converter as well
>so you won't need the external, IF-10C, box. The board is shipped with a 5' 
>ribbon cable
>that connects to the new board,on one end, and has a female DB9 connector 
>on the other end. Physical dimensions, conector location and mounting hole 
>pattern is the same
>as the original IF-10B board, so installation is a snap. The price of the 
>board is
>$89 + $6 shipping in the continental US. We are set up to accept Visa and 
>My address is:
>Chris Sieg
>c/o PIEXX Company
>13 Main Street
>PO Box 123
>Hillsboro, NH 03244
>(Voice / Fax) (603) 464-5411
>Thanks for your interest,
>Name: Chris WA3LDI
>E-mail: Chris <c_sieg@conknet.com>
>URL http://www.piexx.com
>Date: 10/29/99
>Time: 1:15:39 PM
>Submissions: kenwood@qth.net

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