[TRLog] QTCs

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
13 Sep 1999 15:47:03 -0000

> I was dabbling in WAE this past weekend.  When DF0WA asked for QTCs (on
> 20M), I willingly obliged.  However, having only about 20 QSOs in the log
> over 2 bands, when I pulled up the QTC window, DF0WA (from 15M) was one of
> those listed.  I can't send a QTC of the same station back to him.  So, is
> there a way to "delete" DF0WA from the currently displayed list and add the
> next one in line (so I can maintain my QTC 1/10) or do I have to just do
> 1/9 and go back to him later with one more?  Also, I guess DF0WA on 15 is
> now seen by the program as having been sent so it won't come up in
> subsequent QTC sessions.

There is no way to do this currently - and I am sorry to say that the
problem is very difficult to solve.  I doubt I will be able to do 
anything about this in future releases.  It is just a limitation that 
will have to be lived with.

I will check the problem with it being "sent" as far as the program
is concerned - because that shouldn't have been the case.


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