[TRLog] more questions...

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
14 Sep 1999 18:32:06 -0000

> 1) I enter S&P by hitting the space bar to send 'de K2KI'. I enter a callsign 
> in the call field then hit enter. 'de K2KI' is sent again. I know I can use 
> ctrl-enter or down arrow to move to the exchange window, but doesn't that 
> violate the Intelligent Enter (tm) concept? Remember that I am setting up for 
> Field Day...I would like it as newbie proof as possible.

Well - perhaps.  However, imagine that you are in S&P mode, call someone
with the SPACE BAR and they don't come back.  Now, you move up the band
and find a new station to call - you enter his call and hit RETURN.

The best way to get into the exchange window after calling someone with
the SPACE BAR is to hit Alt-Z.  This will fill in the initial exchange
(if any) and put you in the exchange window.

> 2) In S&P pressing F2 sends 2A OR. I have defined no function keys yet for CW 
> messages. I do have MY STATE=VT, MY SECTION=VT, MY FD CLASS=2A.

I will work to improve this - it is the default and can be changed
with the Alt-P - O command.


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