[TRLog] HZ1AB Contest Plans

Dave Earnest k7jj@home.com
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 04:57:21 -0700

Hi, group! Received the following from Thomas, SM0CXU, who works most of
the contests from HZ1AB:
Just some Contest Activity Information - HZ1AB

I will do the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC)-CW 18 Sep.
approx 17:00Z to 19 Sep. morning.
During the nite I will chq. 160m - which NOT is a contest band -
Please suggest SKED timings. QRG 1820.
On other bands I may do some NON CONTESTING as well.
I have set up 2 CT files, let's see how easy I can shift
between the SAC and LOG files.

The following weekend 25/26 Sep. our QSL manager Leo/K8PYD will
do the CQWW-RTTY contest SOAB - I wish him luck!

Manfred DF1IK plans to do CQWW-SSB

Myself SM0CXU will do CQWW-CW

73   Thomas   SM0CXU @ HZ1AB

Dave Earnest

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