[TRLog] Note to add IN BOLD to TRLog Manual

Tom Hammond - N0SS n0ss@earthlink.net
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 10:23:22 -0500

Sorry guys, I'm actually sending this to Doc, N7DR, but I don't have
his address.  However, it's probably something that all TRLog users
should know, if they don't already.


Just though of one thing which should be placed AT THE FRONT of the
manual, and in BIG, BOLD letters.  This is a note to users about
ADDING the following line to their CONFIG.SYS file:

   lh c:\windows\command\smartdrv.exe a+ c+
   lh c:\dos\smartdrv.exe a+ c+

or, for whatever drive(s) they will be keeping their TRLog LOGs

This line alone, will decrease backup time from 10's of seconds
to <1 second, at least with regard to what you see on-screen, and
in use of the internal TRLog keyer... which shuts down while 
backing up IF you don't have this line installed.

At V31TP in '98, we did NOT have smaredrv.exe installed and with
5,000+ Q's in the log, it literally took 15 seconds, or more, to
backup... time during which we could not send ANY CW via TRLog.
In '99 we added smaredrv.exe and we experienced NO down time, to 
the point that WC0W (the holder of V31TP) kept checking the floppy
to confirm that it was actually being written to.

Not sure if smartdrv.exe works for NT users.

73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS

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