[TRLog] Wish list, simulator

Clive Whelan Clive_Whelan@compuserve.com
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 14:07:59 -0400

The largely unsung improvements to the simulator, are truly 
excellent and much appreciated.

However I still find it less then useful because the keyer 
output is disabled and CW is sent to the  computer speaker.

This tinny device and its T7 tone is about six feet away, and I 
find it difficult to distinguish s,h,and 5 at 35wpm.

The reasons for disabling the keyer port are well understood, 
but I wonder if it might  be possible to override this is some 
way .

otoh, perhaps there is a way to play through the sound card, so 
that at least sans could be used to ameliorate the ghastly tone!

Any tips appreciated.



Clive Whelan
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