[TRLog] Re: SMARTDRV - not too smart

scott73@best.com scott73@best.com
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 12:36:19

>Case in point -
>last year at field day, Just as i was sitting behind the ops running 20m CW, 
>the jenny ran out of gas.  After filling it up again and restoring power, 
>it was discovered that over 200+ Q's were lost from the log

> i came to find that they were running SMARTDRV 
>with a huge cache.... so, in this case, 200 Q's were being queued to write 
>onto the physical media, but were in RAM instead of being flushed to disk.

>- bob, w9zv

  I have been using TR-LOG with a 386 and yes, a 286 computer for the past
5 years, and have always backed up the log to a floppy every 10 QSO's.  The
10 seconds or so that the program "freezes up" is a small price to pay for
only losing maybe 15 QSO's to "computer error" for the entire 5 year period.

		Scott  W6CT

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