[TRLog] Beam headings / sunrise/sunset and prefixes

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc@dialup.mplik.ru
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 04:31:31 +0600

How does the program determines cq zone in cq ww for ua9 and ua0?
There is no data in CTY.dat so apparently it is taken from somewhere else.

Igor, UA9CDC
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Тема: [TRLog] Beam headings / sunrise/sunset and prefixes

>I spent some quality time with my Atlas and have all the big South
>American countries (including LU) added - JA, ZL and EA added along
>with OH, SM, ZS and UA9 which were there before.
>If there are any countries someone else knows of where prefixes
>indicate a part of the country - let me know.  Also, if someone
>can give me oblast versus lat/lon or grid - that would also be
>useful.  Currently, I am doing UA9 by ITU zones and using the grid
>square in the middle of the zone.  UA1 isn't broken down at all.
>This is kind of fun.
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