[TRLog] Wish list, simulator

Jan Fisher jan.fisher@virgin.net
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 05:33:36 +0100


Mine keys the sidetone on the rig as well as the computer speaker, then with
a set of phones on and the vox switched off the rig sidetone is a lot better
as you can vary the volume with the rig controls. If the two in tandem put
you off just disconnect the PC speaker with a switch. I have to set the cw
tone = 1 (or something other than 0) for this to work ok.


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Date: 21 September 1999 19:11
Subject: [TRLog] Wish list, simulator

>The largely unsung improvements to the simulator, are truly
>excellent and much appreciated.
>However I still find it less then useful because the keyer
>output is disabled and CW is sent to the  computer speaker.
>This tinny device and its T7 tone is about six feet away, and I
>find it difficult to distinguish s,h,and 5 at 35wpm.
>The reasons for disabling the keyer port are well understood,
>but I wonder if it might  be possible to override this is some
>way .
>otoh, perhaps there is a way to play through the sound card, so
>that at least sans could be used to ameliorate the ghastly tone!
>Any tips appreciated.
>Clive Whelan
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