[TRLog] No Names Sent in CW from database

Mark Adams k2qo@hotmail.com
Fri, 07 Apr 2000 22:43:35 EDT

Hi all,

I am using a very new rev of TR, 6.34 I think. I have TRMASTER.ASC and .DTA 
files. My .asc file is chock full of the names. My .dta file has a goofy 
character in it but nothing else.

When I type in a callsign that has an associated name, the name shows up on 
the screen, but does not get sent. I cannot get the program to SEND the 
name. I know about using the % symbol in the CQ sent report and how to 
change things with the CTRL-J menu.

All to no avail, the name is never sent after the ~ greeting.


Mark K2QO
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