QRP to the field cfg - an idea, was: Re: [TRLog] How To: Adding a New Contest?

Udo Lautenbach DL2ZAV dl2zav@online.de
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 23:00:25 +0200

thank you for information.

Here is something that MIGHT let you log the contest (not tested), but it
will need some maual work for scoring.

Make a copy of S50P13.DOM (or whatever is correct, this one counts 50 states
and 13 provinces), name that copy QRPFIELD.DOM.
Add this line at the beginning of the file:
dx > 0 = DX
This is > "zero" = (not letter O), needed for dx stations.

Use this as QRPFIELD.CFG:

my call = dl2zav
contest name = QRP to the Field
exchange received = rst domestic qth
literal domestic qth = true
domestic multiplier = domestic file
domestic filename = qrpfield.dom
dx multiplier = arrl dxcc with no usa canada kh6 or kl7
; or what?
qso point method = ten points per qso
; merely a dummy - needs recalculation
qso by band = true
mult by band = true
display mode = color

Log like this:
579 NY/MM or
579 NYMM  (no spaces allowed)
for New York and Location is Marine Mobile.

For DX stations, prefix it with DX:
539 DXDLHO or 539 DX/DLHO or 539 DX/DL/HO
for if you copy a German station operating from Home.

So you can type just what you hear (almost), and you will get the
multipliers correct, which I think is important. QSO points are correct only
for field stations.

After returning home, load your QRPFIELD.DAT into an editor.
Replace every MM by MM 25,
replace OC by OC 20,
WT by WT 15,
FD by FD 10,
HO with HO  5 (two spaces in between).
Now move those qso points to the QSO points column, replacing the 10 points
that are there.  Do this either manually, or with an editor that can handle
rectangular selections. In German this is called "column block mode" (what's
the correct English term?), it's that what Word does when you hold down the
Alt key while marking with the mouse. Realign the QSO points for dx
stations, they are misaligned due to the longer exchange entered.
Do POST P to remove "0" multipliers left. Let TR calculate qso points and
multipliers (POST L C). Calculate final result including your own location

Any better ideas?

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-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Mark Adams <k2qo@hotmail.com>
An: <trlog@contesting.com>
Gesendet: Montag, 10. April 2000 16:25
Betreff: [TRLog] How To: Adding a New Contest?

> Hi Gang,
> QRP To The Field 2000, one of the big QRP field contests, is due up
> Arpil 29th. It will use a report and scoring that is not appearantly
> available in TRLOG. I know lots of guys in the contest would like to use
> TRLOG (but may end up using pencil and paper) because I cannot see how it
> possible to configure it to even recognize the categories. If anyone knows
> how to do this, please let me know and I will post the answer on QRP-L.
> If it is not possible in TRLOG, what major logging program will handle
> OK now the details--
> The exchange is RST, SPC, Location Category.
> Those categories are (with their pts/contact):
> MM for marine mobile (25)
> OC for ocean (20)
> WT for other water location (15)
> FD for field location (10)
> HO for home (5)
> SPC's count once per band.
> Final Score = Total Pts x Total SPC's x Location Mult for your location.
> The location mults are
> MM = X5
> OC = X4
> WT = X3
> FD = X2
> HO = X1
> Any help is appreciated as I HATE entering a log manually after a great,
> tiring, day afield.
> Thanks,
> Mark
> Mark S. Adams, K2QO  (ex-N2VPK)
> The Buffalo QRP Connection

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