[TRLog] Colors

Barry Martz k8bk@speedconnect.com
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 21:35:52 -0400

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Hi All:
<p>I have been getting my station back together again and have been playing
with TRlog
<br>version 6.48.&nbsp; I have found a couple things that I really don't
<p>First, I see you have added a CW TICKER window.&nbsp; I have always
hated sending CW via
<br>the keyboard because I don't know if I am making mistakes or not.&nbsp;
THANKS for adding
<br>that window.&nbsp; I love it.&nbsp; I can't wait to use the NEXTBANDMAP
too.&nbsp; Neat ideas.
<p>Here is how I have been playing with the program and my setup.
<p>I have a Pentium 60 and a 486 computer networked.&nbsp; Both are using
6.48.&nbsp; I am using
<br>an A/B switchbox for Monitor/Keyboard/mouse.
<p>I have changed the colors on both machines and both are the same.&nbsp;
I tried to
<br>make the BANDMAP window background GRAY and it turned out DARK BLUE.&nbsp;
Just for kicks, I
<br>tried to make it WHITE and it turned out GRAY.&nbsp; I then tried making
the F-Key
<br>background YELLOW and I got ORANGE.&nbsp; I have never had color problems
before.&nbsp; Matter
<br>of fact, the bandmap CALLSIGNS turn YELLOW as they age.
<p>Something else that happened concerning colors.&nbsp; I let the computers
sit for a couple
<br>hours with the monitor turned off and TR running (with packetcluster
on the 486).&nbsp; I came
<br>back and turned on the monitor and a lot of the PRINT was missing.&nbsp;
As I was looking
<br>at the screen, I noticed more print disappearing.&nbsp; I wonder if
it had something to
<br>do with my colors and the BANDMAP color change?&nbsp; I could not see
anything I typed, NO packet
<br>no bandmap spots but all background colors were fine.&nbsp; I am trying
to duplicate the problem.
<br>I rebooted the computer and it was fine.&nbsp; I never switched to
the other computer to check
<br>the screen there.
<p>I will send you me config file if you think that might hold the answer.
<p>73 de Barry</html>

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