[TRLog] Small FedEx 486 systems and TR hanging

Thomas M. Schaefer Thomas M. Schaefer" <ny4i@arrl.net
Mon, 24 Apr 2000 10:22:52 -0600

I purchased some small 486 systems at a hamfest for $10/each. They have two
serial ports and a printer port so they look good for TR. On some of them,
whenever I try to use the simulator, TR just hangs. Also, on these same
ones, when I go to the settings screen (CTRL-J), when I start moving down
with the arrow keys, they will hang.

I have 6 systems and on others I ran the simulator in debug mode all night
without any problems. I changed the config.sys around so they match my other
system, but no change. Is there a good way to diagnose why the program hangs
in these situations?


Tom NY4I

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