[TRLog] Ohio QSO Party in TR, minor .DOM problem

Ted Sarah w8tts@gwis.com
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 07:00:05 -0400


As one of the authors, along with Bruce-KC8JNC, of the .DOM files for
the Ohio QSO Party, I  want to first thank Tree for including it in this
release.  And, secondly let everyone know about a minor problem with the
.DOM files.

In checking out the set up we noted that Van Wert county showed up in
the needs list as Van/We.  We tried entering a QSO from Van Wert and it
kept coming up as VA.  We found that all that needs to be done is a
slight modification to the .DOM file that you will be using depending on
if you are in Ohio or outside of Ohio and it will be fixed.

If you are in Ohio you will want to modify the ohioohio.dom.  If you are
outside of Ohio you will want to modify the ohiocty.dom.  Start an edit
of which ever .DOM file that you want to edit, go to Van Wert and remove
the space between the "n" and the "W", so it looks like:

VanWert = VANW

Save the edited file and it's fixed.  Sorry for any problem  And, hope
to work you on the 26th.

73 - Ted - W8TTS

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