[TRLog] packet spot key

KL7RA Fairbanks, Alaska kl7ra@ptialaska.net
Mon, 7 Aug 2000 08:51:51 -0800

When I use the packet spot key the packet msg has "DX" as 
the msg start. I use the "edit packet" switch (on) and change
"DX" to my call so that the packet connection, DX-Plorer,
will send the spot via internet to the mega-cluster. 

Is there a way to change the packet start line from "DX" to 
my call?

This would make spotting automated for us but brings up 
another question. The last line in the edit log is sent as the 
spot. A possible problem could be caused by hitting the
spot key in error while running. It might be that the spot 
key should only work in the s/p mode or have a "are you
sure" double key stroke.

Rich  KL7RA   


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